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Museum of Gem and Jewellery

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Ever wondered how a stone becomes a jewel? Visit the Museum of Gem and Jewellery to find out.

  • The museum is one of a kind in the country that is fully dedicated to gems and jewellery.
  • The museum has over 64 sections that houses over 500 types of precious and semi precious gemstones and over 35 types of jewellery.
  • Get a glimpse of latest trends in gems and jewellery from all over India at the Jewellery Section.
  • Touch the large rocks lying on the floor and have a photo taken automatically. The museum will give you this photo as a souvenir of your visit.

Jaipur is the city of gems, our heritage. It is one of the most successful and vibrant gem and jewellery markets in the country. The city is known for its fine gem cutting and polishing, inclusive of carvings, bead-making and manufacturing of objects d'art. It is also known for its various kinds of jewellery craftsmanship such as handmade gold, Meenakari, Kundan, and Enamel jewellery. The museum is a medium to present and showcase the heritage and leave behind the footprints of people who developed this trade in the city.

Current exhibitions
  • Way to Reception - The walls on the way to the reception area are engraved with names of various gem stones. The wall of honour in front reads about museum sponsors, supporters and donors. On the left, there are posters depicting 'The story of a stone to a Jewel' - how it becomes a gem. Here, you see a pair of Amethyst Druze 8.5 feet high on both corners. The main landing has a coloured photo of Johari Bazar where the 300-year-history has been written. Above is a black and white photo of the Johari Bazar from older days.
  • Rough and Cut Stone Section - Next to the theatre is the rough and cut stone section. Some individual stones like Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz, Agate, Jade, Jasper, Garnet and Peridot are exhibited here, including special arrangements and designs. This section has some special stones such as a dinosaur bone, various types of fossils, and stones with inclusions. On the opposite section, various kinds of synthetic stones are displayed. The next wall is the ’Colours of Nature’, where different coloured stones are exhibited in the colours of a rainbow.
  • Wall of History - There are two citrine druzy pairs on both sides of a video panel narrating the history of development of this trade in Jaipur. Here, the history of trade is scripted in a chronological order from the year 1655 onward. A short history of the museum is also posted at the end. A rare picture of many traders who attended the first auction in 1948 is shown. On the opposite side of the passage, gemological maps of Rajasthan, India, and the world are shown. The other walls have various post cards and postage stamps related to gems and jewellery.
  • Central Section - The central section displays precious and semiprecious stones in many colours. Each stone has been exhibited in individual sections. Here, special and newer stones such as Sphene, Rhodochrosite, Imperial Topaz, Csarite, etc., are displayed. In the diamond section, naturally coloured and treated coloured, Brown-Champagne, lab grown and synthetic diamonds, and replicas of famous diamonds are displayed. On the back wall there are nine Graha idols at the top, and at the bottom, a poster of our solar system.
  • Jewellery Section - The jewellery section starts with Kundan Meena, where the process is explained in detail with samples and real jewellery. The French enamelling, Victorian, Tanjore, Fusion, and Thewa jewellery are the next sections, followed by the Gold, Diamond and Stone jewellery and other sections. More than 35 types of jewellery such as traditional and modern jewellery, studded jewellery, children jewellery, Tibetan jewellery, Temple jewellery, creative jewellery with grass, glass, thread, rope, leather, shell, etc., are displayed.
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Opening hours
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Last admission time
5:30 p.m.
Weekly close
The museum is open on all seven days in a week
Holiday calendar
  • Republic Day, 26 January 2020
  • Dhulandi (Holi), 10 March 2020
  • Rakshabandhan, 3 August 2020
  • Independence Day, 15 August 2020
  • Diwali, 15-17 November 2020
Average duration
1 hour
  • Photography is not allowed.
  • Lots of cafés/restaurants around the museum managed by third-parties.
  • Drinking water stations.
  • Toilet is available.
  • Free parking for 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler on first come, first served basis.
  • Museum is accessible by wheelchair users, and there is a lift in the building to get to the museum on the first floor.
  • Free locker is available on the ground floor.

How to get there
  • 11 km from Jaipur International Airport
  • 4.5 km from Jaipur Junction Railway Station
  • 2 km from Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar. 700 metres from Albert Hall Museum
Terms and Conditions
  • Photography is not allowed in the museum.
  • Please keep silence while walking through the galleries as it inconveniences other visitors.
  • No eatables are allowed in the museum.


Indian (Rs.)
Foreigner (Rs.)
Entrance fee
Child (up to 5 years)
Senior citizen
  • You will receive a booking confirmation email/voucher to your registered email after booking.
  • You can present either a printed or a mobile voucher.
  • This voucher is valid only on the date and time specified.
  • Entrance ticket to the museum.
  • Complimentary photo taken at the Rainbow Section in the museum and a soft copy sent to your email by the museum staff.
  • Transportation
  • Food and beverages
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